atlas Philosophy

We will devote our human resources and technology to create superior projects and services, thereby contributing to a better global society.


Our Strategy

Our Profitable Growth business plan aims at growing all four business streams and to establish Atlas Group Companies as an industry leader in occupational health and safety, risk management, employee development, green construction, and ethics.

  • To focus on the core business in construction and project development in selected home markets.
  • To focus on recruiting, developing, and retaining talented employees and to take steps to achieve increased diversity.
  • To be a leader in identifying and systematically managing risks.
  • To be an industry leader in sustainable development, particularly in occupational health and safety, the environment, and ethics.
  • To take advantage of financial synergies within the Group by investing the cashflow from construction operations in project development.
  • To utilize potential efficiency gains found in greater industrialization of the construction process and coordination of procurement.

Our Values

We take pride in ourselves and our strong values, that are made up by our Code of Conduct and the qualitative targets of our vision. Our culture is based on respect, openness and honesty.




Culture built on respect, openness and honesty are our values, which they permeate our culture and everything we do across the world. Our employees are entrusted with great responsibilities. Many projects are as large as an independent enterprise. With a culture based on respect, openness and honesty and a team of cooperative and high-performing people, you will never be on your own.

Our Targets

Our goals are to generate customer and founders value. We aim at becoming a leader in the markets of construction business units and a leading project developer in targeted markets. As a means to reach our financial targets, we have qualitative targets, based on our vision.

Our Goals

  • To generate customer and founders value.
  • To be a leader, in terms of size and profitability, within its segments in the home markets of its construction business units.
  • To be a leading project developer in targeted markets and in selected areas.

Atlas Group Companies Business Principles

atlas-group-principles-num1       We comply with laws and ethical standards

atlas-group-principles-num2        We maintain a clean organizational culture

atlas-group-principles-num3        We respect customers, shareholders and employees

atlas-group-principles-num4        We care for the environment, health and safety

atlas-group-principles-num5        We are a socially responsible corporate citizen