Chairman-YDoganatlas Group Companies, by closely following developments in science and technology, is determined to take its place In the world primarily in America, middle east and the new developments of North Africa.

atlas Group of Companies has realized important projects as a result of the cooperation and joining forces of foreign and domestic companies, and decided to carry our experience and expertise accumulated in these projects to international construction market.

We as atlas Group are aware of the fact that only the institutions are lasting but not the people and due to this fact we share our experiences acquired in the sectors that we are active in with other people, and we target to become the one of the leader construction company in the world. While we are progressing towards this target, we combine our understanding of we rather than me with the components of quality, reliability and price, and adopted the policy that the products produced by our group should always serve the good of the human kind.

Everyone working for atlas Group Companies has celebrated its 35th year of establishment; as Atlas Group belongs not just to one person or group of persons, but to all people who have contributed their efforts to this company, and from whom the company acquires its power.

For this reason I would like to wish the best of health, success and happiness to all of the organizations, partners and my Atlas Group colleagues in America, Middle East and Africa that have been in collaboration and contact with us in our long journey.