we learn a lot over many years: How to collaborate, adapt, plan and execute. we also learn how to innovate and grow with the times. We as atlas family While we celebrate our 35th year in business we realize there’s an energy in our hallways and work sites that embodies our entire team. We’re always on the hunt for ways to blend our deep experience with the most current technologies and techniques. All of this is to ensure that when you partner with Atlas Group Companies, you receive the full benefits of the 35 years behind us and the anticipation of all that lies ahead.

Our History

The origin of the atlas companies dates back to the 1980s when atlas construction was established and started construction projects. Over many years atlas companies have been completed numerous projects in infrastructure, oil and gas pipelines, healthcare, educational, commercial, and residential areas.


In the mid-2000s, Atlas Group Companies expanded its business area into international markets. North Africa and the United States are now our largest market and Atlas Group Companies ranks among the largest in the construction sector.


The operations are streamlined to construction and development of residential, commercial, educational, healthcare and infrastructure projects in selected home markets in North Africa and United States.


Steel Manufacturing Plant Construction
Iskenderun, Turkey