Atlas Group Companies in brief

Atlas Group Companies is a leading international engineering, construction and project management COMPANY, concentrated on selected construction & energy markets in Turkey, North Africa, AND UNITED STATES With focusING on ethics, occupational health and safety, atlas Texas offers competitive solutions – not least for the most complex assignments.

Our reputation for safely delivering quality projects on time and budget is well recognized in the industries we serve. We have proven expertise in managing large, complex projects, a global reach and longstanding international presence, strong relationships with our clients and cutting-edge processes and technologies.

Here you can learn more about us – our services and clients, our strategy, targets and values, and the way we look upon and work with sustainability.


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Our services

Our company specialized in construction and development of homes, healthcare buildings, industrial buildings, schools, office buildings and infrastructure.


Our strategy

All about Atlas Group Companies’ strategy for achieving the operative and financial targets.

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Our vision

We take pride in ourselves and our strong values, that are made up by our Code of Conduct and the qualitative targets of our vision.

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All about our responsibilities to our employees, to the environment and to the communities in which we operate.

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Featured Projects

Atlas Group Companies has been completed numerous projects, and continue to give services in construction and project development areas.

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Environmental Friendly

Atlas Group Companies is committed to building the future in an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible, but the goal of sustainability is about more than just energy efficiency. It is also about practicing and encouraging responsible corporate citizenship both domestically and abroad.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]